Cult Team

Outcult was started in early 2022 by Ullie Gumilar, Rachmat Wirabakti, Setio Widayanto and Angga Pradana, an enthusiasts of the uncommon things in life, who work in quite different industry but often intersect.

After working for a number of successful media/brands/projects/businesses as well as many that didn't work or stopped halfway, we're trying to do something again, together. Which may also fail again, or not? We’ll see what happen next.

Outcult: Half media, half manifesto, focus on celebrating the uncommon life and people who seek to live the life as an outcast. Embracing the culture and spreading the good things in life as information purveyor platform of style, good things & rarities boys toys to a discerning audiences.

outcult - wira
Editor in Chief / Director of Content

Avid rider & custom kulture enthusiast, enriched with long presence in the local custom motorcycle scene, a co-founder & part of Sekepal Aspal Indonesia creative think tank with experience in community based networking and activation. His works spreading in various local & international automotive publications such as Sekepal Aspal Indonesia Motoart Exhibition photo book and web articles, Gastank Magazine, Motorride, Bike EXIF and Dice Magazine.

Sitting in his garage there’s a Harley Davidson 883 Sportster named “Yati” and a one kick wonder 1952 Flathead 45.

outcult - boyo
Director of Photography

An Automotive Media photographer for almost 13 years experience, who graduated from Institut Kesenian Jakarta majoring Photography, with so many experience in photo journalism and commercial photography. He was a DOP for TV Program Series for Otomotif TV of Kompas Gramedia.

outcult - ullie
Creative Director

Wiith background experience in Media Publication & Creative Communication for almost 20 Years. He’s the man behind the First Indonesian Custom Motorcycle Magazine named Gastank Magazine with strong passion in art, motorcycle, military industry and outdoor activities. Capable to build a brands, product and also creative communication strategic.

He used to ride a Yamaha SR400 which for some reason lost and stolen just like that in one of the workshop while it was being repaired. We encourage him to buy a Fat Boy because it fits him well and really represents his fatherly self.

uncommon life

Outcult, part media, part movement, full time good vibes amplifier. We’re focusing on celebrating the uncommon life, and people who seek to live the life in different path. Embracing the culture and the life style as they see fit, because we’re a true believer that each one of us were created uniquely different.
As a media, we take our responsibility in adding some extra fuel to the local scene & spreading the good things in life. Be it an underground contemporary art movement, kustom kulture, music or fashion, whatever it might be, we solemnly believed that living outside the “common circle” is not necessarily a bad thing. We’re simply living the life the way we want it, playing based on our personal term & condition. Living forward full throttled as an outcast….ZFG!